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Mahalo to my family and friends

who told me to follow my star

and helped me find my destination.


Like a voyaging canoe, this book took time and many hands to build, and now, after four years in the making, it is finally ready to sail. It would have been impossible to write the book without the support and assistance of the Aikau family. I want to express my deep thanks to Clyde, Myra and Sol, along with the extended Aikau ohana, including Linda Crosswhite Ipsen, Ricky Aikau, Lynne Holmes, Jodi Young, Bill Pierce, David Bettencourt and John Kruse. They have all helped to perpetuate Eddie’s spirit. A big mahalo goes to Peter Cole for introducing me to the Aikaus and for supporting this book from beginning to end. Sandy Hall was a tremendous help as a writing partner, editor and friend, and her biography of Duke Kahanamoku served as an inspiration for this one. I want to thank Jesse Kornbluth for believing in the book and shepherding it from rough draft to finished product. Mahalo to all those who gave me valuable feedback on the book, including Lori Aki, Beth McDermott, Dan Kois, Katharine Walton, Tai Crouch, Sabrina Civitella, Dotsie Brittingham and Ed & Alex Coleman. Special thanks to all those who helped support and promote the project, including Nainoa Thompson, the Polynesian Voyaging Society, the Surfrider Foundation, Baron Stander, Donne Dawson and Don King.

Because much of the book is based on personal interviews, I am grateful to all those who shared their memories and stories about Eddie, including: Marion Lyman-Mercereau, David Lyman, Ben Finney, Herb Kane, Norman Piianaia, Pi’ikea Miller, Elisa Yadao, Mozelle and Johnny Angel, Wallie Froiseth, Fred Van Dyke, Ricky Grigg, Mark Dombroski, Brian Keaulana, Buffalo Keaulana, Mark Cunningham, Rabbit Bartholomew, Peter Townend, Kimo Hollinger, James "Booby" Jones, Ken Bradshaw, Gerry Lopez, Fred Hemmings, Jeff Hakman, John Kelly, Kelly Slater, Roger Pfeffer, Barry Kanaiaupuni, Darrick Doerner, Randy Rarick, Jim Howe, Terry Ahue, Shaun Thomson, Mark Fragale, Jack Shipley, Greg Noll, Sammy Lee, Joey Cabell, Jock Sutherland, Peter Trombly, Bill Kapuni, Beadie Dawson, Mayor Frank Fasi, Gov. George Ariyoshi and many others.

I would also like to thank Wren Wescoatt, Mac Simpson, Greg Laliberte and Michel Le who helped me design and put the book together. Mahalo to those who contributed photographs, including the Aikau family, Greg Laliberte, Kimo Hugho, Bernie Baker, Tim McCullough, Ricky Grigg, Fred Hemmings, Linda Crosswhite Ipsen, Bob Goodman’s family, David Brown, Leroy Grannis, Sandy Wood, Doug Cavenaugh and Peter Townend.

Additional thanks go to all those who helped promote Eddie Would Go, including: Randy Hild, Glen & Meredith Moncata, Maile Meyer, Joanna Brody, Jodi H. Young, Kevin Luttrell, Liberty Chavez, James Baker, Mark Cave, David Bent, Deb Kybartas, Michelle Ching, Sean Marrs, John Heckathorn, Elizabeth Kieszkowski, Wanda Adams, Nadine Kam, Greg Ambrose, Michael Peters, Ken Kupchak, the Kolwake ohana, Michelle Shin, Scott Tye, Hal Whitby and David Yoshida. During my research, I was also helped by Nick Carroll, Marion Lyman-Mersereau, Weston Yap and Kimo Hollinger, whose articles on Eddie helped lay the groundwork for the book.

Special thanks to Frank & Kitty Damon and James Baker, my hanai family in Hawaii.

Finally, I want to thank the following corporations for their support:



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